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Ростовой георгин из изолона своими руками. Часть 1

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Цветы в ШЛЯПНЫХ КОРОБКАХ / Flowers in a HAT BOX


Огромные цветы / Giant Flowers


Хенд мейд к праздникам / Holiday handicrafts


ГРУППА В ВК ПО СОЗДАНИЮ ЦВЕТОВ - https://vk.com/club157241835...

Екатерина в ВК: https://vk.com/id458563899...

Инстаграм: https://www.instagram.com/millen_flore...

Почта: [email protected]

ПОЧТА КАНАЛА OBUSTROENO: [email protected]

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Hello everyone! Today I am not alone, with me here are such wonderful dahlias.

Flower inspiration came back to me and I decided to create something.

Today we will be assembling dahlias I want to note that they do not come out cheap.

And it takes a lot of material I took 2 rolls of EVA foam 1x4 m Here is this dahlia from craft foam This one is from EVA foam Both craft foam and EVA foam 2 mm All we need is: 1) 2 rolls of 2 mm EVA foam 1x4 m; 2) 1 sheet of 1 mm EVA foam size 60x70 cm; 3) construction pigments; 4) pipe 32 for the base.

1 mm EVA foam useful for the middle Color can be lime, olive or light olive..

I used construction pigments for toning. You can use alcohol-based or water-based pigments..

You can tint with dry pastels, it just takes a little longer..

Here I tinted with alcohol-based pigments.

Pipe 32 for foundation Ideally, such a flower is better to put on pipe 26.

For leaves and sepals, you will need a green EVA foam 2 mm.

All this we will glue on the wire The master class consists of 6 parts, so be patient.

Now about the pleasant I want to thank everyone who subscribed to our YouTube channel.

We already 100,000! YouTube praised us and promised to give a silver button.

Thank you for being so interested in this topic..

Who is not subscribed to my Instagram, subscribe There I share information about the combination of colors, about promotion on the Internet, about what to sell, whom to sell.

Link below If you want me to look at your work.

No need to drop a link to any third-party VK groups.

I'm blocked in some groups Therefore, I can not see Or upload your work to our group, or send to private messages.

I am on Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte.

So write, I whenever possible always answer both on a material, and on assembly, and on all the rest.

Let's start collecting our beauties.

Flower will be made from 2 mm EVA foam.

We will need 2 sheets.

Take the ruler, ideally 1 m And skewer At first I will show how to cut the roll, then we will toned and only after that we will cut the petals.

I drew a diagram for myself How many and what petals will be required Measure out 5 strips 21 cm wide.

In the penultimate strip measure 66 cm.

And put a line I will explain why This will be the color division..

Here are the 3 strips And this piece, we will light green tint from the bottom And the last strip and this piece below we will tint burgundy I will tint in this color Building pigment on the alcohol-based, but it can be on water.

At the bottom of 2/3 we tint in lime Work carefully so that the top of the next row does not turn green..

It's okay if the bottom is not toned. After the assembly of the petals, this part will not be visible..

Immediately dry everything with a heat gun.

In the same way we tint 2 more strips and this little piece..

Toned light green and dried.

Now take the burgundy color I dilute the pigment with water.

The color can be any If you want a white flower, you can not to tint it.

Now it can be twisted into a roll and removed You can cut it into strips..

11 strips of 23 cm each must be cut from another roll.

All strips are medium in size painted in burgundy.

And also we need 5 strips of 24 cm..

Now we cut our stripes.


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