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Lamp orchid. Part 4. SUBTITLES

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Hello everyone! With you Catherine and Obustroeno We continue to work on our orchid. Today we will deal with leaves and final assembly.

Ideally, use 2 mm craft foam or 2 mm Eva foam for leaves We will need: 1) 2 mm eva foam; 2) oil pastels; 3) zephyr eva foam; 4) wire; 5) acrylic lacquer; 6) a soldering iron and rosin; 7) polystyrene; 8) tape tape.

I will use the template 2 - bigger and smaller leaves Circle with a toothpick.

Do not try to make the leaves symmetrical.

We will need 4-6 leaves.

You can cut 2 leaves at once.

Take oil pastels I took different shades of brown, dark green, light green and gray.

Drawing the center You can draw with a ruler.

From edge to edge draw stripes.

All stripes must meet at the top..

Take a shade more darkly. Between the drawn stripes draw more stripes.

Edges can be darkened a little stronger..

Add a light shade.

A little brown Do not overdo it.

Bottom tinted in dark brown.

Take a piece of foam rubber and pound.

Here's what it should turn out to be Similarly, decorate the reverse side of the leaf Take a piece of zephyr eva foam Thin out Glue wire.

Tint a bit Under the color of the leaf.

And paste from the wrong side. I will glue on Cosmofen.

Now you need to cover the leaves with acrylic varnish.

Soft brush.

I always cover in two layers.

With the obverse and the reverse side While the leaves are dry, let's do a sprig You remember that she remained in this state Separate all white wires. This is our +.

And all red We will need to clean them and connect Cut to the same length.


And twist together.

Do the same with white wires The role of the adapter will perform charging for the phone..

Clean the wiring. In most cases, white wire +.

Dark - To avoid mistakes, curl + with +.

When you connect for testing, two strands must not touch.

This is a temporary mount, then we solder it.

That's apart from each other And check Checked - flowers glow Now you need to fix the twist I recommend closing this part of the wire with a heat-shrink tube - it will be more beautiful.

This part can be wrapped with a tape so that it is not visible..

Put the soldering iron to heat up, and we solder + to +, and - to - For an orchid, I took this kind of pot, it is ceramic I made a hole with a drill for ceramic tiles.

Somewhere in the middle Stretch the end of the wire.

So that the whole ugly part was inside the pot And from the hole there was a wire for connecting Dip both ends in rosin.

On the orchid also.

We solder the second pair of wires in the same way. This part must be insulated from each other. So that they do not touch This can be done with tape or hot glue..

Done. We can test.

Cut the piece of polystyrene by the diameter of the pot.

Paste the polystyrene with hot glue.

Now we can insert flowers.

Fasten the leaves.

Put inside the pebbles Ideally, you can make roots.

If you are interested in how to make them, write in the comments and in one of the videos I will show

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