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Видео мастер-класс из серии Ростовой Анемон. Часть 2. Сегодня продолжаем делать цветок своими руками и на очереди серединка для цветка.

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Цветы в ШЛЯПНЫХ КОРОБКАХ / Flowers in a HAT BOX


Огромные цветы / Giant Flowers


Хенд мейд к праздникам / Holiday handicrafts


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Hi everyone! With you Catherine and Obustroeno Today we continue to make the middle for an anemone As a template for pestles and stamens, I will use such a heart I advise you to cut it out of something dense, such as cardboard or plastic.

You can take the cover for the folder You can take the cover for the folder.

Center height - 3.5 cm.

Width - 4 cm.

Circle the heart on a glittern or terry EVA foam.

I chose to myself metallic, glitter and terry.

Glitter and metallic can be cut in two layers, with a terry so not convenient.

You can cut with large scissors or small.

Please note, the end of the heart should be not sharp, but blunt.

This is my gray glitter EVA foam Metallic I took in equal quantities.

We take floristic wire 0.5-0.8 Do not take thick wire These are the 30 cm rods divided into 2 parts Do not do it with the help of the ruler, it is better to let them be different.

Thin shrink tube 1 mm.

Determine where the end Cut the excess Choose a tube that does not have labels, otherwise you will have to somehow mask them..

1 m tube is enough for 4-5 strips of wire.

If you have such an end, about 2 cm - do not worry.

This will be the bottom and it will not be visible. Turn on the heat gun and heat the shrink.

That's what happens That is why I do not advise taking thick wire. Shrinking gives extra volume.

Then you will have a very thick base for pistils and stamens.

Take Cosmofen or hot glue.

We turn hearts on the wrong side And glue the wire Sharp edge is top Stick without reaching the edge In the middle, somewhere 1-1,5 cm.

Do not apply a lot of glue..

This amount of glue is enough for a few pieces..

Heat the parts with a heat gun from the inside.

After warming up, these parts of the hearts will roll inward..

You need to work with metallic very carefully They are very sensitive to heat, a shiny layer immediately begins to be removed. And any fingerprints will immediately remain..

Now you need to glue the edges so that the wire is not visible..

Metallic and terry foamiran is the easiest to glue with Cosmofen.

But he does not glue glitter EVA foam For the glitter we take hot glue, for everything else - Cosmofen.

We put a small drop.

Just to fix.

Hold for a while.

Terry foamiran very easily glued.

Apply glue from top to bottom so that glue strings do not stretch up and do not stick here.

And held Nothing will come apart.

That's all neatly glued.

Take the middle, which is on 32 pipe And thick 2 mm wire.

Separate a piece.

And we make this ring.

Here so that it carefully lay down Making the hooks on the middles.

And fix on the ring.

We fix in this way all the middles Seam in the middle.

Fix with pliers Alternate colors and length.

On such a sun can go from 60 to 100 stamens.

Glue the sun to the middle.

Turned over, put on and fixed with glue.

After gluing, carefully make bends.

So that the pistils and stamens look beautiful.

The main thing is that they do not stick out right This is how the middle looks, it keeps its shape perfectly..

In fact, such a center can decorate any flower in any color range. Take EVA foam matching the color and make the middle.

In the next part of the master class we will make leaves for the anemone. Subscribe to our channel, add to friends in social networks.

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