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Breaking Glass Using Only Megaphones

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In that Simpsons episode where Bart destroyed his entire town he had 15 megaphones.

Well guess what Bart we have hundreds of megaphones right here if your puny 15 megaphones could destroy a town oh boy I'm afraid of what's gonna happen to North America let's do.

Let's take it we still didn't break the glass we need more guys comment is this a dog or a bear.

We hit it with the a megaphone Cannon and she's still standing sturdy sit.

Double the megaphones 16.

All right Jake Pollard's do I have a treat for you like I said forceps that use 15 mega bones in this meat we have right now I'm.

Gonna start seeing if he's gonna turn them on one by one it's every day.

Where are you going mr. beast dude. What's wrong and the census lied to me out of my face I'm done with this you'll be okay you can't let cartoons dictate your future you're right know what I'm gonna bring class with megaphones it's the last thing I do 30 of them 32.

You could that was the definition of Gucci gang ear rape jeez all right oh boy wait whose glass didn't break that was actually 32 megaphones but it's alright boys we're not stopping let's do 50 you will break this is for all you.

Ladies out there I have a very special song for you alright dance till you're dead.

The glass didn't shatter boys it's time we bring out all the 100 leafloaf or 100 mega fun oh we're ready.

Alright bros my name is jacksepticeye and we have 100 I keep wanting to say leaf blowers 100 mega fuzz pointed at this class we were going to break it your protection on now let's go.

Alright flight 69 you're cleared for.

Alright guys it's time for Phase two we put it in a circle not a block this isn't Minecraft enjoy.

Whiney wonderful is what is that did did you shoot no did you shoot it I just wanted the video to be done it's so loud in my ears hurt damn it alright so the Simpsons may have predicted Trump being president Lady Gaga's halftime show the 2016 Nobel Prize winner take freedom boy tiger attack Arnold Palmer the faulty but you want to know what they didn't predict the megaphone they were wrong they were wrong it can break glass you just need a hundred did they use fifteen megaphones we used a hundred all did was destroy my eardrums The Simpsons slide we can't trust cartoons anymore what they can the point of life I know right where's the hunting rifle guys comment below if you're like me and mislead by cartoon Oh what do sponges not talk come on done.


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