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Hello! With you Catherine and Obustroeno I hope you have a good rest on New Year's holidays and are ready for new creative achievements..

Today we are starting a series of anemone creation workshops Let's start from the middle I will have a black and white anemone.

For midway need EVA foam I have a glitter.

Silver and black glitter.

And there are metallic color I will use both. You choose the one that you like.

Be careful with such metallic. If a piece of scotch is stuck to it.

It will come off already with the top layer Also I will use a soft terry EVA foam.

Black and white, gray I have not found.

I still have golden shades.

Choose the color of the middle depending on the color of the petals. If the petals are black, the middle can be from glitter gray..

Terry and metallic, I will use for parts that are located around the middle.

Now we need a piece of EVA foam.

I have A4 sheets We need a pen and a ruler Sheet width - 20-21 cm.

We need to divide it into 3 equal strips. I'll draw with a pen, but it's better to use a toothpick.

Retreat from the edge of 3 cm and every 3 cm put a mark.

Along the line retreat 1.5 cm.

And from this point we put marks on 3 cm.

Connect the dots.

So it will be most convenient to cut triangles..

Cut out.

If desired, you can make a terry center, but then it will look like a fluffy ball.

And I do not like this option.

We take the construction heat gun.

Heat the sharp tip of the triangle.

And we give just such a convex shape.

So we make all the triangles. We still need to cut 1 circle. 6-8 cm in diameter Cut out from the same EVA foam as the triangles.

The role of the middle will perform a foam ball with a diameter of 10-12 cm It is necessary to cut 1.5-2 cm of the base.

Heat the circle that we cut out and give it shape in the center of the ball.

Now glue the triangles. The center should coincide with a sharp angle. Apply glue only at the bottom sticking staggered.

Sticking the next triangle.

That's what happened. This is the first row The next row is glued in a checkerboard pattern, dropping 1 cm down..

Apply glue just below. Thanks to this, we will have a volume middle..

No need to apply glue over the entire length..

So we glue all the triangles. At this middle you need 2 sheets of A4 EVA foam.

That's what's left Now we turn Making a hole so that you can glue 32 pipe.

This piece is enough 32 pipe sticking, provided that the stalk will be 20.

Lightly wet your finger and press the glue a little while it is hot..

We will then glue the petals here..



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