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Свой ДОМ! ВЫБОР отопление как у всех или газовый котел без электричества!

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Частный ДОМ! ВЫБОР отопление как у всех или газовый котел без электричества!

Уважаемые подписчики и гости канала, в этом ролике пойдет речь о том, чем я руководствовался, когда строил свой частный дом. Какой выбор передо мной стоял, и почему я выбрал газовый котел, работающий без электричества. Почему основное отопление в доме – батареи, работают на энергонезависимом принципе. Система отопления, как и проект дома сделаны мной самостоятельно. Отопление домика меня не подводило, и я готов делиться своим опытом с добрыми людьми. В последующих роликах я вероятнее всего затрону темы выбора земельного участка, почему я решил строить именно одноэтажный дом, но коттедж у меня получился двухэтажным, если смотреть с западной стороны. Расскажу как я долго шел решению о строительстве частного дома, расскажу что это уже не первый мой дом. Поделюсь с Вами опытом покупки земельного участка и опытом продажи предыдущего дома. Свои дальнейшие идеи по покупке, продаже и строительству буду выкладывать на сайте: https://www.domikulesa.ru...... , надеюсь со временем этот сайт превратиться в полноценную площадку

на которой продавцы и потенциальные покупатели недвижимости смогли бы делиться информацией, а желающие построить свой дом сами, черпали полезную информацию.

Уважаемые подписчики, пишите свои отзывы, присылайте свои интересные истории и анекдоты, сейчас на Ютубе появилась вкладка \"сообщество\", туда можно писать также как в любых соц. сетях, ну или по старинке в ВКонтакте или Одноклассники.

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Several once-through heating systems read a lot on the Internet, read books women write there with them in the bedroom and drew himself heating system which should work without a pump that the men write with them mountain.

Megaras and the boiler I bought a non-volatile boiler I have is still working without electricity I vacuum call glashenka now by and large nobody does that maybe even get Julia in the Jacuzzi to remove.

Well, If you're lucky of course if you can get.

Heating system I developed myself based on let's say I have studied a number of ramjet heating've read a lot on the Internet read books and drew himself heating system which should work without.

To work without the pump and the boiler I bought a non-volatile boiler I have is still working without electricity this is the thing now by and large nobody does that but in the previous in their home I was faced with the problem.

The problem is that once I turned off the electricity for the New year and there I was volatile and heating system that I had for the New year is a power Well, some accident happens.

The outcome of all services, respectively thumps and I have 3 I can't remember or 4 days I lived in an embrace with the generator you got everything to work on the gasoline generator and I here all day, all the gasoline he lift because that could happen.

You just class if well system unfreeze then pipe the pipe all the water would freeze I just all burst own and I had this diesel for a ride and I slept in the arms of this generator letter.

Literally so that it is not stalled I had Electricity and I realized what the fuck I do not need it so I do not need there are no battery systems and so forth that is why I finally decided that the heating system.

It's supposed to be non-volatile, and the Thing is, I designed it, and I hired a welder who did all this for me, and the men tell me that. look, this is not gonna work for you..

Well, the welder Who has spent his life doing for the last time, Well last years there shabashniki yourself And doing so does to people heating systems energy-dependent pumps That they said you've got this job.

It will not work the hot water in the system a hot topic this and in parallel here I'm talking about is all the talk I'm talking men in General, you cook for me and that's how I did all and any liability as.

As well would not burn if what if it doesn't work nevertheless doubted anime we Give you all the same pump will deliver one another How many people have hardened well, like thoughts and we'll put a pump Here.

I will not work we'll put a pump I also doubt That I agreed they gave me a pump but it's not working now I turned it off Just don't need it when designing the heating systems is still somewhere.

Well, I looked as made of the father And the father did that was 20-30 years ago more specialists Well Men who still pumps not seen in the heating system so they made him the old-fashioned way it all works.

All works And what is the advantage of such a system it is Well, no headaches this is how we do a survey on vehicles, Yes, there was a car there Euro-0 engine YaMZ-238 always cool the car finished all there then there was added.

Dodder Montreal then put the electronics and then put a Euro 5 then there was added urea there is about the same analogy Well, it turns out that it was a system that worked at all that's not nothing.

Do not need battery stove is hot great feel to the stove burning no battery manufacturers are beginning to look for ways to sell their products and so there are all sorts of pumps.

I'm not saying I don't need something I have let's say a warm floor network floor is warm it runs from the pump it is just an option such that it no pump can't work well, there is a very Thin section.

For piping and he is not a to pump in another there need a pump for water in the batteries here is a tube-in-principle pumps just don't need water now Very trendy Ribbon this here see the electrical.

Electric warm floor he still is electromagnetic radiation that is not always helpful Well, I don't think this is useful because in the forest, let's say if we proceed from the fact that we once all lived in the woods Yes.

Back to nature the cave there was no electromagnetic radiation Yes, And now that's where all these illnesses all the wires everywhere electromagnetic radiation everywhere cellular way or another it affects.

Lose health Well, if you go to the heating system from the point of view of economic expediency more profitable option but I don't see actually has a point of view with pump without pump if doing so as it is now.

Now do. It turns out more expensive system Yes, I think that it gets back from the perspective of marketing is presented that it is more expensive initially but it will pay off then I don't see the difference then I communicate with people of UK.

There is a small heating pump and one system That I have a fuel pump the price is the same Well I mean the price for paying to heat the house during the construction is definitely more expensive at times. You do with pumps..

So you first imported pumps That is if you're going to put you to put the pump Grundfos or they are Chinese pumps Grundfos is very expensive or Danfoss As well I do not know that you can build China.

Count to put it exactly you will fly and That's usually all the modern plumbing that they use plastic pipes they are also very expensive. Plastic pipe quality.

Wall let's say I used the cadastral Henco firm-I do not remember Daniel What is Not this is another You're talking about polypropylene ppr pipe reinforced plastic pipe is a multilayer pipe.

Tube which three layers inside the polyethylene then the aluminum aluminum foil of the Well then comes a Thin outer plastic is still cold well, as it is there we used Yes Not used.

This pipe it is terribly expensive plus very expensive all the fittings connecting here they are also very expensive even imported us is I don't know may be now made but this is unlikely good quality.

There are no planets weld weld Yes I made an old vintage as it came from grandma's home grandma's home for 70 years Here And there are old pipes where they here is a coat of paint already understand a lot about.

Thick Here and they are battery operated but there is no matter pumps we pumps just where the iron pipe, I then decided that if grandma works for someone I already grandma Tu-Tu-Tu 96 years old.

Tablet I just also have Enough to do iron pipes you're certainly these torments of choice They are all here when someone Well, I just remember myself. When you want to build a house plan to build a house you.

That you suffer How to do what to do Well it is very expensive and to lose here would cost well generally well, not so it's like a sapper so you don't have right for mistake just a mistake.

Error it well, this is big money here that this is now so everywhere did it 640 mm is a standard 2.5 brick That is before all the houses were built so you all brick home thickness 20 bricks in our.

In our region, maybe other regions differently and made more than 64 cm Here that is, well, now people Who is on that much who then build as if someone Who wants to be the thickness of your own Istra.

From Troitsk on the laptop radishes can be less cost here is this the thickness of the 0 etazhki is building here is there have us in city of there 9 10 storey homes on-my, too, two and a half brick the thickness of the or hollow ceramic building block.

And the brick in this case I really like it Agapovsky brick here it here peach color I when saw it the first time told everything I want houses from such brick Agapovsky plant so is called.

Is the area called that we have an area Oh Lord well in our Chelyabinsk region somewhere near Magnitogorsk this brick doing here, I really like it even sold in Moscow are taken away and I.

I saw the commercial so I know how much it costs we have here I bought in bulk relatively cheap but now I guess prices went up in Moscow gave it something two times or three more.

More than us. There it is a wonder that's here and that's what he drop he is now this means the red color on this yellow Well write not get a peach effect is nice.

The choice is a brick that there should be a hollow Well, in terms of insulation From the point of view of economy but less than the length itself will be Well From the manufacturer it why-that is Why the manufacturer do.

What do hollow brick because not because I don't think what the manufacturer does in terms of what the manufacturer does in terms of making it cheaper that he floor clay is the same product.

The raw material is less clay, it is of two from one key to do two bricks you know this is the second Well it's certainly easier to pick up fireclay brick fireclay yellow is used high temperature brick is overlaid.

Furnace is applied here well, I have the fireclay brick is made inside the fireplace in the basement I got a stone is, then Well, we will shoot then have a look at white silicate brick is a bit different brick it.

Remember all this technology I do not know that he is not fired here is it ceramic Toyota in fact brick it Well, the same principle that the manufacture of tableware ceramic to ceramic and Silicate Anton.

There is no other way he's just drawn but does not burn you with a method of pressing a little bit there, he has the best properties for thermal conductivity partying hurts warmth is considered to be white brick but no it has less.

And you know how that is, the load is less perceives And he eventually well, loses its properties taciz look at the old house of white in General moved us it was hot this time first it was cold.

Too cold, we moved on to a ladder on the street was cold and then got hot in the clothes we came in here the ladder is not very purely military buttonhole write cache good than staying Part of the heating system types by the way.

By the way since I started talking here and there at the top of the expansion tank hanging No you shouldn't Well, you wouldn't happen to have immediately the only drawback that heating is the diameter burn burn don't need.

It is not necessary that the diameter of the pipe so the heating system worked by gravity pipes shall be of appropriate diameter But I honestly don't think it's here in my case some of the shortcomings because I have.

Because I have a house to build single storey and the top I have these pipes I do not have the top leaves only two pipes feed and return line to battery I have actually quietly no that is polypropylene.

Acetylene pipe comes from the main pipe but It goes to the expansion tank it is cold in fact it is difficult to calculate the length because how to say there is no one compensator would make a stock can be.

Where could be slightly shorter, just not guess but it does not bother me if Someone will kill the Yes ladder in the basement How would I do that, no problems here cause Believe me it's not the fault of the son who is.

Which is worth I don't know the disadvantage to which you should pay attention to when the construction will leave on the contrary Why Yes, Yes it is here is the thick and then pipe coming outlet write me here went up two pipes.

Pipes and batteries coming. I have only the top two 2 battery tube is a battery and everything that is hot at the bottom is that the bottom loop is the cold operation i.e. hot water 7 of the laws of physics.

The laws of physics the school know that we have hot water rises to the top Ussuri warm rises and the air is warm but in the kettle when You boil water you you're hot at the bottom you raised.

I goes up it doesn't boil goes physical processes you have hot water goes Up and cold goes down and in the heating system without a pump you have pumps are essentially the batteries themselves.

Hot water from the boiler goes to the top it goes extends to the top in the batteries have you water cools down and it goes down that is the batteries go work as a pump Here.

Here and Well I have everything working and it works Let Well I measured the flow rate of the fluid is high enough that natural post cats need a pump in the house If it would be of course I.

I's staying with her parents over 2 floors they also have heating system works by gravity. If virtually none On the second floor on the contrary the rules because the warmer the liquid the second is not liquid, there is already an air mass.

The air masses rise up always warm on the second floor warmer than the bottom is something the system certain disadvantages more difficult to set the exact room temperature But it is so.

So insignificant Well, see the meaning of What if you have a pump you have a very high rate of turnover of the liquid and you have in the whole room no Matter where the room was from the boiler you will.

You will have one temperature so in the case where you have a natural circulation In those batteries which is closer to the boiler you have the temperature slightly higher in those then the battery which is.

Converge away from the boiler you have is the temperature is a little lower but I did the measurements I took at work this what is it called thermal differential is one and a half to two degrees Toyota so insignificant.

Well, generally this can be neglected but I just tremendously save money on heating air temperature not And I once set up When winter came and all she was still what features.

TT system to self-regulating from that no one speaks and writes but the meaning of Which again the meaning of explain a lot of battery is the pump itself. that is, the liquid that cools the battery in the battery it.

It gives heat to the air in the room at the same time the water inside the battery cools down it cools down that is, pushes the water back to the boiler the cooler in the room the faster the water cools.

Brothers faster on sale. The speed increases the speed increases and the room heats up the room heats up the heat transfer rate has decreased the boiler Well that is, the water has stopped circulating in the salad.

Slow water temperature in the boiler in the boiler is the sensor I have the ability to adjust I very rarely adjust that is the boiler is in the boiler Yes Now I have is 55 or 60 degrees.

You will again be autonomy for electricity which is Kapu because come on let's we get is probably just we'll break it we're rolling already hell knows how long..

Score town Julia up to 10 times her not to come back suddenly then won't let go now we go now take off the pot and not become that sneaker find here because what I have here is not so clean in there I have.

I have a robot vacuum cleaner cleans Glashenka here But I'm a cleaner call and Vlasenica.

Guzzle here And I'll get it, I'll get the sneaker you.

The herbarium is to.

I this year to hear almost the sneaker part Sorry there are no Others this I this I this year planted so the authors of This tomorrow lipstick does not chrysanthemum in the night I planted them But this year know it was a cold Yes.

And they began, I Have only picked up color by the autumn, Already snow falling out I have them only color they scored from their garden I felt sorry for them I felt sorry for their children are seen before they see you felt sorry for.

Please, and I transplanted it in a pot and they have bloomed already in the pot do they annual but no but Yes I told them I gave them the opportunity to blossom.

Why is it okay Construction junk is a building corner but it's just I have the stuff which brings on top of that will not work here I see there is a washing machine here I have the toilet he is there.

The motion sensor is well, That I have all this stuff she'll move in here then lighting then Yes I was there plastered here it is possible that I now see that I have it under the stairs room milkmaid.

By the way I removed her sensible review when I have been under the stairs already posted a review and here all remove these plastering I have here following everything already so we went to the boiler will go to Carl and then go back.

I'll tell you were editing this video you're watching right now and It turned out I have in total more than 40 minutes so I sit and think Damn Hunting will be someone to watch you for 40 minutes I think Let me check.

Quite called Yulia Yulia live more than 40 minutes out what to do She said well let's split into two parts in General, do not blame me who wanted to see all-in-one in one series the series will be even.

2 2 3 series 2 saw 3 which will be but also if any of you have questions please contact us feel free we will remove details. Today wrote there suppose men write with them mountain.

Women write there with them bedroom someone wrote to me with them in the Jacuzzi but everything will remove all show here may be even get Julia in the Jacuzzi to remove Well If you're lucky of course if you can get here depends.

It will be a third part is a third part still will I think there will be many parts, all will depend on how You look so well traditionally appeal to those who want to remove the video review.

The review of the real estate that is we can arrive to remove video the review of your cottage and then we will lay out this video review in YouTube or we will become to you and you actually will be able to show this video review.

Advertising your potential buyers Here but I think you really should be convenient because it instead of every time to answer calls there that where once filmed this clip posted.

Has laid all who are interested looked Who decided to buy came own with a suitcase full of money gave the money bought I think it should work well, and traditionally, again, subscribe to the channel put likes.

Husky means big request huge post video reviews on your social That is, it will give us new subscribers but you huge huge plus about the karma plus the karma is a joke now.

Now I somehow know is calling the girl Scout center periodically calls the girl and conduct some polls I usually drive up once but then called the girl well, very nice voice so I think let's chat.

In General, and she told me this but something is telling something is I have to do some reason I can't remember about what I remember. So I say but what do I with the fact that I now.

That's all the talk there is it Well lit Well, you're so sincere so sincere naive voice Well, of course you will be a huge plus in karma but I do so imbued can do this.

Plus in karma case all here is so here is good for a laugh of Course then we often I this this recall this girl So that you enormous plus in karma if to Place video on their social pages i.e. but she many.

Followers and likes to write suggestions what to remove then take care of the throat I caught cold But somewhat easier on his feet, yesterday did lay formation So here's to the new series until next time.

Oven All good bye

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