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Ростовой георгин. Часть 6

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Все видео пользователя: Obustroeno - Гигантские цветы.

Это завершающий видео мастер-класс из серии \"ростовые цветы своими руками\". И сегодня на очереди - сборка ростового георгина из фоамирана. Мы покажем как сделать листья для цветка, стебель и чашелистик.

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Цветы в ШЛЯПНЫХ КОРОБКАХ / Flowers in a HAT BOX


Огромные цветы / Giant Flowers


Хенд мейд к праздникам / Holiday handicrafts


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So, go to the final stage of creating a dahlia These are leaves, stem and sepals To create the leaves we need 3 templates We will do 2 branches On one there will be 5 leaves, on the other - 3 leaves. The biggest leaf.

Length - 49 cm Consider, 49 cm - this is with this little leg Its height is about 3 cm Width at its widest point - 29.5 cm Almost 30 cm The shape of the leaves is the same, they just differ in size..

The height of the average leaf 44 cm.

Width - 23.5 cm The smallest Height 32 cm Width - 18.5 cm.

That branch, which will consist of 5 leaves We need 1 big leaf, 2 medium and 2 small.

We will cut them from 2 mm green EVA foam For the branch, which will be 3 leaves, we need 1 large and 2 medium.

In the comments please write how you use EVA foam trim..

I have accumulated so much of them, but it’s a pity to throw them away..

I cut out the leaves, there is nothing complicated.

Fold in half.

And glue the wire For large sheets, I advise you to take thicker wire I have 2 mm.

On small leaves I'll take this one. It is a wire in green PVC winding..

In fact, it is the same floristic, only in a roll.

I will glue on Cosmofen.

Here everything stuck together. Now look, here is the little one We need to stick one half to the other..

To make it thinner Here we have such a leg.

This side is the front, we will do streaks The heat gun will make noise now, so I will not explain anything. Just watch and do.

Thus we form all the leaves - both large and small..

In the middle we have a large sheet, from it are medium.

Fix the tape.

Take a piece of tube PVC tube transparent, 6 mm Cut it at an angle The dahlia leaf has a thick base..

Therefore we put on a pipe.

To get a realistic leaf.

Now take the tape and wrap.

Reel about 5-6 cm.

And then we will fasten the small leaves, they are fixed at a distance from the central.

We take small scissors and make a small cut.

We pass a little leaf.

On the one hand, and on the other.

And continue to wind tape Here is the leaves This one in 5 parts, and this one in 3.

It remains to attach the leaves to the stalk..

The role of the stem will perform the pipe 20.

To insert leaves, we drill 2 holes.

First, outline where the leaves will be located, then drill.

If there is nothing to drill, you can make a hole with thin scissors first..

And then expand it with big scissors.

Take the leaves And just insert.

To the desired depth.

Wrap the pipe itself with tape At will, the tape can be coated with acrylic varnish. This will make the stems more durable..

Now cut the sepal No need to make it very big Width at its widest point - 10 cm Length - 18 cm.

Such sepals we need 5-8 pieces It depends on how tightly you arranged the petals when you collected the flower itself..

It turns out that's such a wide drop. Her widest place is somewhere in the middle..

You can glue with hot glue or Cosmofen.

Leg wrapped with tape Wrap the tape so that it covers this part..

Ready sepal and stalk with leaves

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