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Мой маленький суккулентик

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Сегодня наш блогер предлагает видео мастер-класс, в котором покажет, как сделать суккулент из фоамирана.

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Цветы в ШЛЯПНЫХ КОРОБКАХ / Flowers in a HAT BOX


Огромные цветы / Giant Flowers


Хенд мейд к праздникам / Holiday handicrafts


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Инстаграм: https://www.instagram.com/millen_flore...

Почта: [email protected]

ПОЧТА КАНАЛА OBUSTROENO: [email protected]

Считаешь видео полезным? Напиши СПАСИБО!

Hi everyone! With you Catherine and Obustroeno If you remember, in the last part of the master class we created cacti I made 3 such charming cactus If you have already made a few cacti for yourself, be sure to share photos in our VKontakte group..

Today we turn to succulents To work we need: 1) zephyr EVA foam; 2) Cosmofen; 3) wire length of 10 cm; 4) dry pastel.

For cacti, I used thin EVA foam; for succulents, I would need a thicker.

I bought a EVA foam roll 1x4 m. And I will fold it twice.

If you use thin EVA foam, cut it out, given that.

For 1 petal you will need 3 layers of EVA foam Calculate how much material you need To create a flower we need templates in 5 sizes The smallest petal has a length of 2 cm.

It has the shape of a drop with a small foot. Leg height - 4-5 mm Width at its widest point - 1.5 cm Next size: length with a leg - 2.5 cm Width - 1.8 cm The third size: length - 3 cm Width - 2 cm Fourth: length - 3.5 cm Width - 2.3 cm.

The largest: length - 4 cm Width - 2.5 cm.

First, I circle all the leaves on the EVA foam We need only 2 petals of the smallest size..

Next size - 3 pieces.

The next size - 4 pieces..

Now I fold the EVA foam twice.

With a small margin If you have a thin EVA foam, fold three times.

Now cut.

Then I will immediately cut 2 parts of one petal If you cut them apart, the petals will still get different..

By this principle we circle all the petals at once..

You can make a flower a little more, then make more large petals.

The penultimate size - 5 pieces, the last - 6 pieces We take thin scissors. Thick foamiran fold twice, thin - three times.

And cut out.

Fold in pairs.

Glue the petals together Folded.

Heated up Seized.

We will not put the synthetic winterizer inside, so we glue them all the way round..

Carefully trim the uneven edge.

Thus glue all the petals Go to the tint. I like toning with dry pastel A piece of wet sponge Dark green pastel Toning the upper part.

And from the back side Toning the end of a raspberry color.

Be sure to tint the ribs.

Can be immediately pastel Thus we tint all the petals. Harvested petals must be shaped. Warm slightly on one side And twist That will be enough.

I sorted all petals by size We will collect on the wire. Length approximately 10 cm.

Glue the wire inside the smallest petal.

Glue the second small petal next.

I glue on Cosmofen, it's more convenient for me. You can use cosmofen or hot glue..

So glue all the petals for each other. Petals are dense, so that we glue them not overlap, but just next to each other.

That such a succulent turned out You can add another row of petals to make it bigger..

But I have a small box of 20x20 cm, so this is enough for me

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