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OBUSTROENO: материалы и инструменты для изготовления цветов из ткани

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В этом видео поговорим, какие нужны инструменты и материалы для цветов из ткани. Вкратце я расскажу, что и зачем и в каком количестве нужно приобрести.

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Цветы в ШЛЯПНЫХ КОРОБКАХ / Flowers in a HAT BOX


Огромные цветы / Giant Flowers


Хенд мейд к праздникам / Holiday handicrafts


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Екатерина в ВК: https://vk.com/id458563899...

Инстаграм: https://www.instagram.com/millen_flore...

Почта: [email protected]

ПОЧТА КАНАЛА OBUSTROENO: [email protected]

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Hi everyone! With you Catherine and Obustroeno This announcement will be for those who make an anemone with us..

There were many questions about when the next part of the master class will be. For the next part of the master class, you will need to take an organza. I took white organza, because my petals are white. You choose organza to match the color of your EVA foam..

Or craft foam, which you used for petals Each petal will require a square measuring 40x40 cm Petals 10 There is a width of rolls of organza 1.5 m, and there is 2.75 m.

2.75-2.8 m is an organza for curtains. You can buy it in a store that sells curtain fabric..

Count depending on the width of the organza that you find.

I have 1.5 m 1.5 m by 2 m We also need crystal glue. It should be marked "transparent glue".

Sold in hardware stores.

Glue inexpensive, but very good We also need a soldering iron. Soldering iron with a sharp sting. I have with temperature control from 200 to 450 degrees.

It is not necessary to take with adjustment. If you need a soldering iron at one time, you can take it cheaper..

The most common soldering iron without temperature control.

You can also use the burner. But remember, you have to cut the fabric with it..

Must be sharp sting If you take with a wide, nothing happens Organza can also be cut with special electric shears..

They seal the edges of the fabric so that it does not crumble further..

These electric shears are very expensive, so if you do not plan to use them in the future.

No need to buy them Soldering iron can be taken from friends.

The edges can be soldered with a lighter.

But if you have never done this, it may not work out very well..

In this case, take a cloth with a margin, in case you ruin something.

Now go to the comments and write what kind of flower you want to see in the future..

Because my fantasy has run out.

It happens that you don't want to do anything. Lilac ... I just do not have enough patience to cut it Therefore, we meet in the next part of the master class. Waiting for your feedback. I love you all, kiss. Your Obustroeno

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