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Суккуленты: сборка панно с подсветкой

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Сегодня мы завершаем сборку панно с суккулентами и учимся монтировать светодиодную ленту.

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Цветы в ШЛЯПНЫХ КОРОБКАХ / Flowers in a HAT BOX


Огромные цветы / Giant Flowers


Хенд мейд к праздникам / Holiday handicrafts


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Hi everyone! With you Catherine and Obustroeno And today we finish our panel with succulents. The basis of the panel will be such a box of 20x20 cm The backlight will be LED strip, I took 1 m.

This is a LED strip that can be connected to the network. We will need: 1) box 20x20 cm; 2) LED strip; 3) polystyrene; 4) acrylic paint in 2 colors; 5) a candle; 6) Heat gun; 7) double-sided tape.

To LED tape need a design that will allow you to connect it to the network.

Drill a hole so that we entered into it that part, which will be attached to the LED strip.

I'll show you what it will look like..

In the future we will fix it all. And we will fix the LED tape on the sides of our panel.

According to this principle, stick it on the double-sided tape.

Before that you need to decorate the box.

You can just paint it white, but I’ll make a little scuff.

I have some coral paint left First, we paint it in the color in which our scuffs will be painted..

I will have these We also need a candle and white paint, which will be the main.

This is ordinary acrylic paint..

Apply to the place where there will be scuffs No need to paint inside, there will be LED strip and succulents.

So that the paint does not paint the hands, dry it with a heat gun.

Rub the places where we should get scuffed with a regular candle.

Most often they occur on the ribs.

Now painted in the basic color, mine is white Once painted in white, you can no longer blow dry with a heat gun Otherwise paraffin will melt and scuffs will not work..

We pass through the places that were treated with a candle, using the hard side of the sponge.

We attach a LED tape.


Glue the LED tape. Only not at the bottom, but at the top.

Below will be a piece of polystyrene, in which we will insert succulents. If you are afraid that the LED tape will pop out, stick it with scotch tape..

We insert polystyrene into the box.

We insert so that it does not close the LED strip.

Glue on hot glue.

We begin to set succulents The most beautiful is better to put in the center.

Place around the succulent immediately covered with decorative pebbles..

Glue it on hot glue.

Cacti will bulge a bit. Therefore, first make a small hole for them and only then insert.

If your LED strip is long, you can wrap it inside..

Done Turn on.

Here is a panel with lights turned out

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